Drop in classes are great for those unable to commit to a course or those who would prefer to chop and change their workout routine more often. Suitable for all experience levels - everything starts at a medium level of difficulty, just ask your tutor for an easier option or an extra challenge.

~ Ballet Fitness ~ 
We’re bringing back ballet with a twist. 

These exercises are the first things you learn in a ballet class in order to instill correct spinal posture, strength and stability in your joints and core which helps your balance.                  
Co-ordination and graceful movements of the arms and head as well as the lower body, flexibility in the hips and learning about aesthetics of ballet and lines of the body. All done to a variety of modern music and a fun attitude! Be prepared to sweat up a storm and work those legs!
Wear comfortable, tight fitting clothing that has a bit of stretch, ballet flats or socks are preferable footwear.

Thursdays 6pm

~ Yoga ~
This is a class that covers many facets of yoga and is very beneficial for your everyday life. You will learn physical postures and stretches that will increase circulation, mobility in your joints and strengthen and tone your muscles. Various breathing exercises and meditations for stress relief and relaxation. 
Yoga is also very helpful for injury prevention and recovery.
Wear comfortable, tight fitting clothing that has a bit of stretch. Bring your own matt and strap, blocks, blanket if you have them - Limited amount supplied.

~ Burlesque Happy Hour ~
Baby likes to bump n grind!
Come along and enjoy an hour of all your favourite elements of burlesque. 

We will run drills that focus on posture, posing, musicality and balance while dancing to our favourite jazz tunes - it's a little bit of fitness, it's a little bit sexy and it's a whole lot of fun. No dance experience required, absolute beginners welcome.
Wear comfortable, tight fitting clothing that has a bit of stretch and shoes (heels preferable)