Between them, the Ballet School Dropouts have over 50 years experience in ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, hip hop, latin ballroom and of course burlesque. Take advantage of their unique skill set and take a class or two.
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Dance for Debutantes - BSD

This class is perfect for anyone who has never had any formal dance training as well as those who wish to go back to basics. We start from the very beginning with angles and lines of the body, positions of the feet and arms and posture including “showgirl” posing. Then we move onto basic dance warm ups with pliés, téndus and rélevés which help with strength and flexibility in your lower body as well as your balance. We also cover correct techniques for kicks, leg holds and turns. Wear tight fitting, stretchy clothing so you can see the lines of your body and can move freely, ballet flats or socks. 1.5 hours, all levels welcome.

The Travelling Showgirl/Boy - BSD

This class is all about being on the move. We cover walking, kicks, jumps, turns and everything in between. We also look at making small steps look big on a small stage and making big steps look epic on a large stage. Wear tight fitting, stretchy clothing so you can see the lines of your body and can move freely, ballet flats or socks. 1.5 hours, all levels welcome.

The Big T – BSD

T-t-t-t-tease! Come explore the realms of burlesque tease with Dahlia and Trillian. Learn about using your body, movements (or lack of), facial expressions and costume pieces to create a tantalising burlesque act all of your own that will leave your audiences gagging for more!!! Bring a robe, gloves, your favourite lingerie and pasties (if pasties aren’t your thing then a second bra to take off) 1.5 hours, all levels welcome.

Ballet with Batman – Dahlia Dangerous

Join Dahlia Dangerous for a fun and relaxed journey back to the origins dance. Ballet is the basis of so many modern styles of dance. This is your chance to don your favourite leotard and leg warmers and twirl like the graceful flower you are! Wear tight fitting, stretchy clothing and ballet flats or socks. 1.5 hours, all levels welcome.

Floorwork - Trillian

This class is all about getting down and dirty on the floor.

We will cover all manner of movements including various ways of getting down and getting back up, seated and kneeling poses, crawling, rolling, splits and much more! There is a certain amount of flexibility involved however will also include adaptations and alternative options as well as some “fake it ‘til you make it” secrets. Knee pads or leg warmers are required. 1.5 hours, all levels welcome.


Barre Fitness -  BSD

We’re bringing back ballet barre with a twist. These exercises are the first things you learn in a ballet class in order to instil correct spinal posture, strength and stability in your joints and core which helps your balance. Co-ordination and graceful movements of the arms and head as well as the lower body, flexibility in the hips and learning about aesthetics of ballet and lines of the body. All done to some pumping moombahton music and a fun attitude! Be prepared to sweat up a storm and work those legs! Ballet flats or socks are preferable. 1.5 hours, all levels welcome

T & A – Tassels and Assels with Trillian

Ready to have a twirling good time?

Learn a whole bunch of tricks and techniques of tassel twirling using your nipples and your butt cheeks. It’s a staple element in classic burlesque and a whole lot of fun. Bring your own tassels and preferred adhesive. 1.5 hours, all levels welcome.

Walking & Teasing – How to Diva with Trillian

In this class we will begin our journey into the art of tease. The tease begins that first moment you step on stage and connect with your audience, long before the clothes begin to come off. Trillian is going to give you the tools to bring out your inner burlesque diva and whip your audience into a frenzy. We will cover posture and lines of the body, posing, walking in heels, improvisation and stage presence. Wear comfortable, form fitting clothing and your favourite pair of heels. 1.5 hours, all levels welcome.

All about the Boa – Dahlia Dangerous

The good old fashioned feather boa is a symbol of glamour and sophistication. Used correctly it can become a lethal weapon of seduction for concealing, revealing, tantalising, teasing and just luxuriating in general. With the help of Dahlia Dangerous your humble prop can become your greatest asset. Bring your own boa. 1.5 hours, all levels welcome.

Peel & Reveal – The art of glove and stocking tease with Dahlia Dangerous

Want to learn the tricks to a good peel? Want to add a stocking or glove tease to an already existing act or add a few more tricks to your bag of seduction? In this workshop you will learn various tips & techniques to seductive and elegant glove and stocking peels from standing and sitting positions. Wear shorts or stretchy form fitting pants. Bring a pair of long gloves and a pair of stay up stockings you don’t mind getting runs in OR stockings and garter belt and slip on heels. 1.5 hours, all levels welcome.

World Domination for Duets and Troupes – BSD

Q & A session with one of the most successful burlesque duets in New Zealand. We talk about the whole package which is based around communication and teamwork, discovering your style, creating acts together, costuming, making your hobby into a business and then taking over the world one sequin at a time. Bring a notebook and lots of questions. 1 hour.