Introducing the Corps de Burlesque Garter System

This syllabus was developed to provide a range of options for students to learn about burlesque in a more focused and creative style.

Emerald is the compulsory entry level course which provides a basis for ongoing learning.
Once you've earned your Emerald Garter, you can pick and choose which other jewels you wish to add to it depending on what aspects you want to learn about next.

This syllabus is the first of its kind in the world, developed by the Ballet School Dropouts in 2019 to help raise the standard of burlesque learning in Aotearoa and beyond.

***Note: While some striptease elements may imply nudity, it is never compulsory in our classes.

~ Emerald Garter ~

This is the compulsory entry level course.
Welcome to burlesque!
You will learn about the rich history of this wonderful art form. Who we are and why we are here.
To get you going on your way we will explore posture, posing, walking in heels and begin the discussion about the art of tease.
The striptease technique we focus on in this course is glove and stocking peels.

No Nudity is involved in this course.

~ Sapphire Garter ~

Baby likes to bump 'n' grind!

This course is perfect for unleashing that fierce femme fatale!
The historic element focuses on some prominent Queens of Burlesque.
Get ready to dance as you learn to seduce your audience using the lower body isolations that make up bump 'n' grind style movements.
The striptease aspect in this course is corset and bra removal.

Partial nudity is involved in this course.

~ Amethyst Garter ~

Oh she's gonna shimmy 'til her garters break!

This course provides an exciting journey back in time to the roaring 20's (the 1920's that is) where we learn all about Charleston, rag time, swing and more!
The history we learn about this time centers around the Birth of the Pastie and the evolution of Striptease.
There's a lot of high energy dance styles visited in this course that's sure to get your toes tapping and hands clapping.
The striptease aspect here revisits bra removal and moves on to tassel twirling.

Partial nudity is involved in this course.

~ Ruby Garter ~

Next stop...Seduction central

This course will teach you everything you need to know about the boa.
We will take a look at the work of a few prominent burlesque performers who use a boa as part of their signature style and discuss how using props contributes to performance.
There is no striptease element to this course, instead we focus on how to use this prop as a seduction tool to tease, tantalise and conceal your secrets as you build up to the final reveal.

Some nudity may be involved. Boas are provided.

~ Diamond Garter ~

"I haven't been out of work since the day I took my pants off" - Sally Rand

Let's explore what is perhaps the most popular, glamorous and luxurious of the burlesque props.
We will take a look at different types and styles of fans and how similar techniques translate between them plus the history behind some of the most well known fan dancers of the 20th and 21st centuries.
There is no striptease element in this course, instead we focus on technique for working the fans and then implement that into both poses and dynamic movement.

Some nudity may be involved. Fans are provided.

~ Onyx Garter ~

"Ride 'em hard and put 'em away wet" - Judith Stein

This is a professional development course for soloists.
For new performers who want to get some stage time but don't know where to start.
We go through the essentials of act development - music selection, choreography and costume design.
Professional elements covered include character/persona development, social media, brand management and more.

In order to qualify for this course you need to have graduated from Emerald Garter plus two others.