~ Dance Courses ~

Corps de Burlesque is proud to provide a place for adults to learn to dance from the very basics.
Our courses run in conjunction with school terms.
Classes are held at Level 1 85-89 Fitzherbert Avenue
Palmerston North

~ Ballet ~

We’re bringing back ballet for adults!

Ballet is great for instilling correct spinal posture, strength and stability in your joints and core which helps your balance. Co-ordination and graceful movements of the arms and head as well as the lower body, flexibility in the hips and learning about aesthetics of ballet and lines of the body.

This class follows the new RAD repertoire syllabus for adults. Students have the option of completing an RAD ballet exam each year.

Be prepared to sweat up a storm and work those legs!

Wear comfortable, tight fitting clothing that has a bit of stretch, ballet flats or socks are preferable footwear.

Min. of 18 months ballet experience necessary.

~ Pole Dance ~

Let's get physical!

Pole is fun, challenging and empowering. You'll get a full body workout including safe practices for warm up, cool down and stretching techniques. It's a great activity for increasing strength, flexibility, confidence and over all well being. Pole dancing is suitable for a wide range of participants. No limits for experience, age, height, shape, weight or gender.

Wear comfortable stretchy clothing. A t-shirt or singlet and shorts is ideal, avoid yoga pants, tights and ¾ leggings as you will need bare leg skin on the pole for grip. Leg warmers are a good idea if you have them. Bare feet or gym shoes. Do not moisturise your hands and legs on the day you have class, this makes your skin slippery and unable to grip the pole.

~ Classique Pole ~

This class is less about tricks and all about style.

Aussie Showgirl style is all about simple shapes, clean lines and fluid transitions. In this class you will learn about the intricacies of sensual movement and all the elements that live between the flashy tricks.
Kneepads and a killer pair of heels are recommended for this class.

~ Yoga ~

This class that covers many facets of yoga and is very beneficial for your everyday life.

You will learn physical postures and stretches that will increase circulation, mobility in your joints and strengthen and tone your muscles. Various breathing exercises and meditations for stress relief and relaxation.
Yoga is also very helpful for injury prevention and recovery.

Wear comfortable, tight fitting clothing that has a bit of stretch.

~ Floorwork ~

This class is all about getting down and dirty on the floor.
We will cover all manner of movements including various ways of getting down and getting back up, seated and kneeling poses, crawling, rolling and much more!

There is a certain amount of flexibility involved however we will also include adaptations and alternative options as well as some “fake it ‘til you make it” secrets.
Knee pads and heels recommended.

~ Swing Dance ~

It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing!
Swing dance has become a global phenomenon that is rooted in a rich cultural heritage.

Whether it’s a cheeky Charleston, a lively Lindy Hop, or a brazen Blues, you will learn the foundations of partnered swing dancing. We will explore the language of leading, following, rhythm, and connection. You’ll be grooving to some sweet, toe-tapping tunes with friends in no time! No partners or previous experience necessary.
Comfy shoes and clothes recommended.

~ Prep School ~

Prep School is a 4 week introduction to burlesque movement.

It's all about learning confidence and style.

We focus on balance and technique for walking and dancing in heels, posture and posing to bring out your inner showgirl, all topped off with some essential burlesque dance moves.

No experience required.

Wear comfortable, tight fitting clothing that has a bit of stretch and heels.