~ Prep School Level 1 ~ 

This is a 6 week course, perfect for anyone who is curious to dip their toes into the glittery burlesque pool. We will take you on a journey through the art of tease, beginning with posture and confidence, walking in heels, peeling gloves, stockings, corsets and more.

We explore the rich history of this glorious art form and learn about some of the biggest legends of burlesque. 

No nudity is involved in these classes. No previous dance experience is required, just an open mind and an attitude of fun.

6 weeks - $135

~ Prep School Level 2 ~

You have completed Prep School and you want to level up but you prefer to work on your own. 
Prep School 2 is a 6 week course focusing more on the dance aspect of burlesque but, you guessed it, we take it to the next level with more choreography, in depth seduction techniques and more striptease. Each week you will learn a new choreography based on an aspect of burlesque tease that builds on what you learned in Level 1.

No nudity is involved, however we will encourage you to explore and push your boundaries a little more.
Prerequisites: To take part in this course you must have completed our Prep School course or the equivalent if you have been studying at a different studio previously.

6 weeks - $135

~ Debutantes – Performance for Troupes ~

So you want to get a taste of the limelight? In this 10 week course we will guide you through the full creative process and everything that is involved in putting an act on stage.

We start from the very beginning by developing a concept together, selecting music, costume design, hair & makeup for stage, creating choreography as a group plus a whole bunch of behind the scenes info on etiquette and performance psychology. This sounds like a lot of work and it is but at the end of this journey you will be ready to step on stage with confidence and style.

No previous dance experience is required but we suggest you attend our Prep School course before entering this one.

10 weeks $250

~ World Domination for Soloists ~

This is a full day of intensive learning, you've been through Prep School, you've debuted in the troupe and now you prepare to step out on your own. This class will go back over all the creative aspects of the troupe course and then a level deeper where we help you choose a stage name, begin developing your brand and give a crash course on social media marketing and hustling for shows interspersed with snippets of contrasting styles of choreography to give you loads of inspiration for developing  your own acts. Even if you’re not keen on being a fully-fledged full time professional this workshop can give you the tools to be a well organised, well presented part time ecdysiast.

5 hour workshop $60

To continue from this you have the option to engage Dahlia and Trillian in private follow up lessons for act development.
Single $75 or regular ongoing classes - 1st lesson $75, 2nd lesson $60, 3rd lesson & thereafter $50

~ Fancy Fan Dance ~
Ostrich feather fans are arguably the most iconic symbol of burlesque. Made famous by Sally Rand in the early 1930's, fan dancing has become a staple of showgirl repertoire.

Fan dancing is the perfect combination of grace and eroticism, often the performer appears naked or apparently so, concealed only by the luxurious feathers she effortlessly manipulates.
In this 6 week course you will learn about walking and posing in heels, different types of fans (not just feathers), different styles of movement to conceal and reveal (ostrich vs peacock) and a few little flourishes. 
All of this will be put together into a full length routine so you can fully experience the elegance and sensuality of fan dancing.

No nudity involved. No previous dance experience required just an open mind and an attitude of fun.

6 weeks $135

~ Corps de Burlesque - Routines ~
Let's dance!

This is a short but sweet course where we teach you a super cute themed routine just for fun. There will be no striptease involved, no need for props or costumes (though if you want to dress up we sure won't stop you!)

No nudity involved. No previous dance experience required, just an open mind and an attitude of fun.

4 weeks $100