Once upon a time there were two prim and proper ballerinas, full of hopes and dreams for the future, found themselves lost on the way home from Sunday school. They happened upon a glittery door sporting a Red Delicious apple and hoping to get directions, the pair entered the establishment and came out dressed only in their dignity. The rest is history!

Dahlia Dangerous and Trillian met 5 years ago as they prepared to debut as solo performers. 2017 saw the pair voted New Zealand's Favourite Burlesque Duo at the Golden Garter Awards. Collectively they have over 50 years’ experience in various styles of dance and performance, using their exceptional talent for synchronicity to create intense and powerful acts that will leave you clinging to the edge of your seat and begging for more. 

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~ Performance Highlights ~
Star and Garter Burlesque (Headliners) - Cambridge, New Zealand
Grandiose Burlesque (Headliners) - Nelson & Takaka, New Zealand
DIY Burleskiwi Duos (Judges and feature performers) - Wellington, New Zealand
Blood Moon Ball - Auckland, New Zealand

Australian Burlesque Festival - Sydney, Australia
Winter Deco Weekend - Napier, New Zealand
Tease on Tour (Headliners) - Ashburton & Timaru, New Zealand
Minneapolis Burlesque Festival - USA
Dr Sketchy's Twin Cities - Minneapolis, USA
Montreal Burlesque Festival - Canada
Big Burlesque Blowout - Christchurch, New Zealand
Diamond Victory Burlesque (Headliners) - Wanganui, New Zealand

NZ International Tattoo Expo - Hamilton, New Zealand
Perth International Burlesque Festival - Australia

Australian Burlesque Festival - Melbourne, Australia
New Zealand Burlesque Festival - Palmerston North & Christchurch

New Zealand Burlesque Festival - Palmerston North

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