~ Praise for Corps de Burlesque - School of Seduction ~

Trill and Dahlia, you are the most amazing teachers and amazing people. You've taught me so much over the last 16 weeks, I'm well and truly hooked
- Alannah

This course has been the BEST fun - never thought tassles would be a thing I'd ever do!! Thanks so much for such a fun time and for giving us something to look forward to every week! Bring on the next one!
- Emily

Love this course! Love you guys! Thank you so much, I have gained so much from all of this x you guys are seriously awesome
- Laura

So much love for everyone at this course!! Soo much fun, and gained so much confidence and just owning what ya mumma gave you
- Ashleigh

It's beautifully paced The tips are really useful The demos and practises are super-tailored to what your ability level is and The BSD are great teachers
- Anon

I enjoyed being part of a dance troupe. I enjoyed the professionalism of both teachers and the way they inspired the students and built on those whose self confidence was moderate.
- Anon